Please join us for worship service and bible classes based on the New Testament. We are a Christian church that strives to follow Jesus teachings as delivered by the Holy Spirit through inspiration of the writers of the Bible, our worship includes, prayer, singing, the Lords Supper, and preaching. We are non-instrumental singing.

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UC Davis Students -Welcome Back! Fall 2023

We would like to welcome returning and new UC Davis students. Sunday meeting times are 10:00 am Bible Classes, 11:00 am worship. On Wednesday evening we meet at 6:30 pm for Bible Study. If you would like more information, set up a Bible study or have any questions about our services, church location etc. please email or call.

Bible Class Material-June 1, 2023

Sunday morning (10:00 am) and Wednesday evening (6:30 pm) Bible study class material can be found by clicking Sermons/Classes on menu then clicking Bible Classes. If you are are not currently attending and/or looking for a local congregation to worship with please email or call with any questions. Sunday morning Worship service starts at 11:00 am. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study Starting October 30

To access current Sunday Bible Class material click on Sermons from menu, select "Bible Classes", select "Series", "Attitudes"  if any diffuculty accessing please email us at info@davischurchofchrist.org